The Beginning Of My Journey

Here we are, the beginning of my journey and the start of my website. It’s something I have been putting off for some time now even though I have loads of free time in my life to dedicate to something like this. So as the worlds markets slump and investing starts to become more attractive for younger people, i’m going to start my journey and share it with all of you along the way.

An Introduction

So who am I exactly? My name is Zeb and i’m in my mid 20’s, not that experienced in personal finance (if at all) but that’s the point. I’m going into this the same as probably most people who are looking for better places for their money, easier ways to save, deals to help free up finances or just get better use out of money over all. I have had a very strange relationship with money over the past few years as my job started to increase my income to a decent amount, not massive but decent. I have always been a believer of if you can afford it, buy it, if you want to do something different that will set you back financially, do it, and i’m starting to pay the price. My girlfriend and myself used to go out for meals all the time regardless of the cost, enjoy a few beers at the pub with your mates or go on holidays to California and rent a convertible Mustang just because we can.

Now i’m not saying these are bad things, they’re really not, i’m enjoying myself and exploring countries on the other side of the world. But during lockdown throughout the coronavirus crisis of 2020 (hello future readers, what a year we’re having). Everything came to a stand-still and many people including myself ended up in the furlough scheme and had time to reflect on modern day life. We started cooking proper meals at home that greatly matched those of the nice restaurants and bars we were visiting, we started buying fresh locally brewed beer from the local pub instead of going out (£20 for just over 9 pints isn’t bad).

Throughout all of this I started to realise one thing, money is a tool of life, it’s a resource that you need to manage properly to ensure you’re spending it on the right things. A mortgage was a big one for me, as both my girlfriend and myself have usually spent the spare money we have on having fun, whilst putting a little bit of money away to save for a deposit for a house. This is where it began really, I was looking into maximizing our savings to best suit our needs, researching high interest savings accounts and ways to make your money work for you. Well as it turns out this sparked a huge journey into the world of personal finance and investing which up until this point I had heard about, but thought it was more for the big boys in Wall St. with high cash flows. Turns out that’s not true, and being in the UK doesn’t mean you can’t invest in global markets all around the world.

So here I am at the start of my journey into investing, there’s no get rich quick schemes or millionaire in a day types of things going on here, just pure honest opinions and experiences as a young investor. There are plenty of people on YouTube who are up and coming looking to spread the word about personal finance and investing, however a lot of them already have lots of capital invested and it just doesn’t translate to the every day average person who is looking to start out in the investment space. Let alone enough time to watch hours upon hours of videos.

So join me as I embark on this journey, I will be starting with £500 as a lump sum and telling you some good habits to get into when it comes to money that I have learned or am going to learn in the future. So, lets go!

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